860S.00/4–848: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


Niact 1228. Dept had informed Brit Emb of agreement postponement for 24 hours second note re Trieste (London’s 1424 Apr 8)1 before receipt Paris’ 1846 Apr 8.1 Release at 12 noon EST Apr 9 as suggested by French Govt therefore impossible to arrange but Dept will proceed with delivery to Sov and Ital Embs Wash Apr 9 and release for publication 6:00 pm EST same day provided no further objection interposed by UK FonOff.2

Although Dept cannot share full Brit confidence that “Ital elections are securely in bag”, it is of course evident trend is away from Popular Front. Situation is volatile, however, and dramatic gesture by USSR might have considerable repercussions. Dept feels therefore if USSR is to make any move re Trieste, would be preferable have it come after [Page 523] second note from US, UK and Fr. Moreover, Dept believes second note would indicate our first move was not mere electoral move but serious step, and if this impression established Dept would welcome Soviet acceptance proposed meeting. (For your confidential info, Brit Emb Wash has shown Dept msg from Gen Airey Trieste stating second note would be beneficial for situation there). On other hand, delay in sending note until 2 or 3 days before elections might merely emphasize electoral character of move.

Re second para Paris’ 1846 Apr 8, Dept intends suggest Paris for “preliminary” meeting but will not specify first week May. Reference to need for early action retained however. Dept also substituting “powers principally concerned” for “interested powers” as suggested by UK FonOff.

Sent London 1228 Paris 1155 Rome 1011 Trieste 171.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed.
  3. For the text of a note delivered to the Soviet Embassy in Washington on April 9, see Department of State Bulletin, April 18, 1948, p. 522. It referred to the note of March 20, ante, p. 517, noted that a favorable reply had been received from the Italian Government, and suggested the convening at Paris early in May of a preliminary meeting of the powers principally concerned to negotiate a draft of the necessary protocol to the Treaty of Peace with Italy. For the text of a related note to the Italian Ambassador, April 9, see the Bulletin, ibid., p. 521.