860S.00/3–1948: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser ( Joyce ), at Trieste

top secret

Niact 123. US, UK and French Govts have agreed propose to Ital and Soviet Govts negotiation protocol to Ital Peace Treaty to provide return to Ital sovereignty all FTT in view unworkability settlement under Treaty provisions and as best solution to meet democratic aspirations people and reestablish peace and stability in area.

Subject to final tripartite agreement, declaration re proposal will be published simultaneously Washington, London, and Paris 11:00 AM, EST tomorrow Mar 20. Text statement and confirmation time publication will be sent you immediately upon agreement.1

Dept recommends Gen Airey issue, upon publication tripartite declaration, AMG statement to effect AMG will of course continue unchanged pending definitive agreement on proposed protocol; that obviously such agreement cannot be expected for many months; that primary aim AMG will continue to be protection rights and interests all elements population in accord his responsibility under Treaty; that all necessary measures will be taken maintain public order and security; and that the AMG program of aiding economy of Zone and improvement general welfare of all population will continue.

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Reurtel 138 Mar 18,2 until new solution evolves from tripartite announcement we intend continue maintain status quo Trieste regardless political developments Italy and will recommend extension necessary financial and other support for AMG to achieve that purpose. In general, we are in agreement Airey’s course of action para 5 A his Taf 813 in event communist success in Italy and approve his intentions set forth final sentences that telegram.

At early date Dept will send you guidance on basis situation which develops. In meantime we have fullest confidence you will be able furnish Airey necessary advice on day to day problems during next critical period and that all concerned will continue excellent record maintained US and UK Govts’ position and prestige in area.4

  1. In niact 125, sent to Trieste March 19 at 6 p.m., not printed.
  2. In this telegram, not printed, Joyce urged Hickerson that General Airey would be most appreciative for policy guidance during this period (860S.00/3–1848).
  3. Not found in Department of State files.
  4. In telegram 148 of March 22, not printed, Joyce reported that the three power declaration came as a complete surprise; that excellent security was maintained; that there were no incidents (860S.00/3–2248).