501.BC/3–848: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )

top secret

119. In light of fact that SC meeting scheduled for March 9 is private meeting of full Council and not Big 5 consultations as anticipated [Page 511] in Dept’s 113 of March 5,1 following is given for your further guidance.

For your strictly secret info US and UK Govts considering public statement favoring abandonment FTT concept and return of entire area to Ital sovereignty as being solution most likely contribute establishment peace and stability in area. In this connection note Rome’s 803 March 1 being repeated to you today. Dept expects reach decision on above within 10–14 days. It is therefore most important that no action is taken at meeting March 9 or within period required for above decision which would in any way circumscribe this Govt’s freedom of action. For this reason you shd not reiterate suggestion you made in meeting Jan 23 indicating that SC might request report from Yugo Govt on administration of their Zone since such formal request by you might invite criticism in case above US–UK statement of new policy is made without awaiting Yugo report.

Within above limits you shd continue to be governed by Dept’s 96 Feb 261 and 45 Feb 6 in full concert with your UK colleague.

If at all possible without giving appearance of excessive delaying tactics Dept anxious defer substantive discussion of conditions in FTT until decision on above statement made. If any names of candidates for governorship are put forward in tomorrows meeting you should state that you will refer them to your Govt for instructions.

In any case as indicated in para 2 of Dept’s 96 we would prefer that UK take initiative in such discussion with assurance our full support.2

  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed.
  3. By note dated March 20, 1948 to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Austin submitted the text of the three power declaration. Printed as document S/707, United Nations, Security Council: Official Records, Supplement of August 1948, pp. 44–45.