840.50 Recovery/12–3147: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices in Europe 2


An important factor in US support of ERP both with public and Congress will be extent to which participating countries give evidence of continuing the cooperative action begun with CEEC. It would be most unfortunate if belief grew that CEEC countries, having produced requirements statements, were not taking adequate further steps to encourage and develop economic cooperation but were waiting for US action.

Dept is aware of start made by customs union study group and of clearing arrangement and of ECE activities; also has requested copies of recent Bevin statement on this subject. There are other fields of cooperation, including those in Chap V CEEC general report3 in which action could be started.

You are requested to cable short summary of cooperative economic action since CEEC in which country to which you are accredited has taken part and any action projected for near future, sending details by air. Please keep Dept currently informed re developments along this line. Concern of US Govt in this matter should be communicated to appropriate officials as occasion may arise.

  1. Sent to diplomatic offices in all CEEC capitals.
  2. This official report prepared at the conference was released in September 1947, and was issued as Department of State Publication No. 2930.