Department of State Atomic Energy Files

The Belgian Ambassador (Silvercruys) to the Secretary of State


During the interview which you accorded him on October 3 last, the Prime Minister of Belgium explained to you personally the reasons [Page 688] why he hoped that the agreements respecting uranium, concluded between the United States and Belgian governments during the war in London, might be made public and the counterpart stipulated in favor of Belgium in those agreements might be realized.1

On this occasion M. Spaak envisaged different methods which might be adopted in order to assure, within the framework of the accord cited and without risk to security, Belgian cooperation in the search for utilization and application of atomic energy for industrial purposes.

You were good enough to give him the assurance that the question would be taken under study immediately and that you would let him know the result.

The Prime Minister of Belgium has requested me to emphasize the value which he attaches to receiving a reply to his demarche. I take this occasion, Mr. Secretary, to renew to you the assurance of my high esteem.

  1. For memorandum of conversation, see Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. i, p. 841.