800.014 Antarctic/7–148

The Secretary of State to the Secretary of Defense ( Forrestal )


Dear Mr. Secretary: I have received your letter of July 1, 1948, regarding the proposed course of action relating to Antarctica.

The Department of State believes that there is every reasonable prospect that the proposed course of action will deny to our most probable enemies participation in the control of all or any areas in Antarctica, and that such control will be exercised by friendly powers. These points will be borne in mind by the Department’s Officers who are dealing with the problem.

This Department also will inform all governments with which the problem has been or will be discussed that the proposed course of action in Antarctica does not in any way constitute a precedent which would affect, directly or indirectly, the interests of the United States in the Arctic Polar Region.

In view of these circumstances, the Department of State does not believe that action by the National Security Council is necessary. However, [Page 994] I am transmitting copies of your letter of July 1, this reply, and the paper on Antarctica to the Council for the information of its members.

Faithfully yours,

G. C. Marshall