710 Consultation 3A/4–847: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Uruguay


131. For Boal. Recapitulating CPD projects considered current discussions here and with you last August Dept views situation as follows:

Protection democracy human rights and recommendation advisory body thereon amply covered in part of Com report already published. No further consideration by Com required.
Regarding further Com study problem recognition de facto governments or recommendations tending to peacetime extension principle Res 22,17 Dept feels consideration and publicity inopportune at this time in view Paraguay situation18 and other factors.
In view CPD Res 26, 27, 28 and note Oct. 4, 1946, further implementation Res 7 Mex not called for.
Reduction barriers inter-American travel covered by CPD Res 28 and 29. No objection referring to this subject in final report, calling topic to attention Bogotá Conf.
In view Res 27 and 28 Dept does not deem further recommendations necessary re unwinding wartime controls.

Above review, together with substance urtel 138 Apr 8, indicate no further substantive problems before CPD, except for possible preparation final sections of report summarizing work on some of resolutions mentioned above. Pls confirm or comment on Dept’s conclusion.

  1. See the Second Annual Report of the Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense (Montevideo, 1944).
  2. For documentation on this situation, see pp. 972 ff.