834.00/3–2847: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Paraguay

us urgent

89. Dept considering sending following message to BA if you believe opportune in light latest local developments. Please comment urgently on probable reaction to mediation offer suggested. BA has been requested repeat Embtel 33918 to you if not already done.

“Inform FonMin Dept’s views as follows re Embtel 339, March 28:

Present situation Para, especially Morínigo’s public rejection idea of mediation March 27, 28, makes prospects of success of mediation offer doubtful now. However, Dept entirely sympathetic to suggestion of Arg and Braz Govts that some steps be taken on behalf Inter-American system to prevent further bloodshed destruction.
Any offer mediation should be undertaken in accordance inter-American procedures and on behalf inter-American system as Arg FonMin19 suggests.
Should situation in Para further deteriorate as seems possible from Liberal party manifesto Mar 28, or should events make acceptance of mediation by both parties more likely, Dept would favor general plan Braz initiative as modified Arg suggestions. Dept would recommend Arg and Braz ForOffs initiate consultation Amreps through diplomatic channels suggesting Arg, Braz, and third govt offer Para Govt mediation services. Dept considers Res 107, 8th Conf Lima20 best basis for consultation in view absence any international dispute.
For third govt mentioned above, Dept suggests Colombia as preferable either Bolivia or Chile because of Colombia’s traditional friendly relations with Para and desirability giving more continental character to mediation procedure. Dept has not broached suggestion to Col Govt.”

  1. From the Ambassador in Argentina, March 28, 1947, not printed.
  2. Juan Atilio Bramuglia.
  3. Report of the Delegation of the United States, p. 188.