710 Consultation 4/9–1247

The Chargé in Uruguay ( Brown ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1036

Sir: With reference to the recent Inter-American Conference of Rio de Janeiro, I have the honor to report that Dr. Dardo Regules, a member of the Uruguayan Delegation, gave a talk over CX8, Radio Sarandí, on September 11 in which he discussed the Conference and the treaty of mutual defense.

Dr. Regules, who is a member of the Uruguayan Senate, is the leader of the Catholic Party Unión Cívica and one of the Catholic lay leaders behind the “Christian-Democrat” movement reported in the Embassy’s despatches no. 599 of May 7 and no. 652 of May 19, 1947.32 His radio talk was of an hour’s duration. In it, he made a very clear analysis of the mutual defense treaty, pointing out its significance, explaining in simple terms the nature and extent of Uruguay’s obligations under the treaty and the advantages which would accrue to Uruguay thereunder. He gave particular attention to the correction of certain misconceptions of the obligations which the treaty entails, misconceptions which he stated certain political factions in Uruguay are trying to foster in the public mind. He indicated that he was referring to the Communists and Herreristas.

Another important part of his talk was devoted to an attack on the so-called “third position” under which Latin America would disassociate itself from the United States and act as an independent [Page 83] group. He pointed out that the economic and military weakness of Latin America make such a position impossible and that its best interests lie in hemispheric unity. He stated that the treaty of mutual defense, instead of being a tool for United States imperialistic aggression as the totalitarians of the Left and Right allege, provides a certain control over the United States by the vote of two-thirds of the American Republics, and further subjects it to the weight of continental public opinion.

There is enclosed a clipping from the Independent Blanco El Plata of September 10, containing an interview of Dr. Regules, which is a résumé of his radio talk.33

Respectfully yours,

James E. Brown, Jr.
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