817.00/6–1047: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua ( Bernbaum ) to the Secretary of State


241. See Embassy’s telegram 234, June 6.40 Decree calling Constituent Assembly finally released to press this afternoon after long delay, occasioned by difficulties in negotiations between Somoza and Conservatives. Signed by President Lacayo and his cabinet and taking effect upon publication in La Gazeta, decree provides for: Elections to a Constituent Assembly August 3; Assembly convened August 29; Conservatives given principal party status only after presentation electoral tickets for Assembly; nominations due within 15 days from effective date of decree; each department allowed Representatives equal to number of Deputies and Senators; use of same electoral lists used in past elections; Congress dissolved immediately; Provisional President empowered legislate by decree during interim period.

[Page 860]

Assembly empowered to write new constitution, elect new President and Congress, and reorganize judiciary.

Repeat to War Department.

  1. Not printed.