711.1227/11–647: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Mexico


1068. Armour, Landis and Barringer conferred with President Nov 4 re air transport agreement. Decision that level was that matter of primary importance is to connect two capitals and New York and New Orleans for airlines of both countries. On presentation impossibility obtaining western route, elimination of same was reluctantly authorized with President expressing desire that strong last effort be made obtain maximum rights possible at present or in future on direct route Los Angeles-Mexico City.

Pursuing desires so expressed, Armour, Landis and Barringer agreed would probably be best notify Mexicans that matter being pursued to very highest level, but that such strong opposition being met that Mexican case would best be presented if Martin Pérez were to come to Wash. Idea would be, pursuing Bohan’s thought, that he would thus satisfy himself last stone had been turned. Contemplated that on arrival here he would meet adamant reaction from Barringer, Armour and Landis on New Orleans proposition, and, if necessary, at end of his visit, Armour to inform him decision of President. Re West Coast situation, best possible transaction would be evolved, in view all circumstances. Dept hopes Bohan, as Amb’s designee, will be able accompany Pérez, if other duties so permit.

Request matter not be discussed telephonically, as any leak would greatly prejudice contemplated US position. Request views Emb foregoing plan, and if Emb agrees, request communicate ideas above set forth to Pérez.

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No mention made at meeting with President of proposed further top-level letter.