711.1227/10–3147: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Thurston ) to the Secretary of State


1183. For Armour and Norton. Embassy bespeaks most careful consideration action outlined Department’s telegram 1032.35

Department requested consider Embassy’s comments spirit desire reach correct decision and no sense critical either CAB or AV.

Original Latin American decision was domestic and did not consider established or prospective interests Mexico. Needless point out agreement not taking cognizance and not giving reasonable equitable protection those interests can never be successful. Demanding six airlines into Mexico’s only real traffic terminal raises grave danger US would soon completely monopolize international air traffic. Mexico has legitimate pre-existing interests west coast and expects equitable treatment eastern seaboard. While our policies must not be prejudiced by Mexican settlement we must realize route pattern wanted Mexico requires special treatment permit Mexico enjoy fair opportunity share US-Mexico traffic.

President Mexico informed both verbally and in writing that only points at issue question over-flight El Paso and equal rights New Orleans. Embassy perfectly willing seek west coast eventual nonstop formula providing it can also suggest some solution present New Orleans impasse. Embassy reported October 20 Minister Communications desirous signing agreement and only looking for some possible settlement New Orleans. Embassy, therefore, suggested at Minister’s request Eastern discuss matter within provisions Bermuda agreement and Section 412 Civil Aeronautics Act. Embassy does not believe conversations would lead solution but would place Embassy in position see President and Minister Communications and assure them all possible done meet legitimate Mexican rights and ask agreement be signed based on general provisions Bermuda agreement which Minister now states so loosely drawn and defined as constitute little if any protection for a weaker foreign line.

Clearly evident private carriers both nations exercising undue influence negotiations. Fairly reliable report indicates President Alemán fully realizes this but states political influences so great he does not feel he can override them unless some concessions obtained. This confirms same information given Bohan by Minister Communications October 18. Department should not underrate described political pressures.

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Embassy thoroughly believes in basic aviation policies our government but still persistent idea we can impose our domestically conceived route pattern on Mexico must be abandoned if negotiations successful. Air transport agreement under discussion Mexico since 1945 and sufficient experience should have been gained indicate some modification our original position essential.

Embassy feels most strongly it would be grave mistake request President Truman write President Alemán this time. Ball is not in Mexican court, as stated in Department’s telegram 1008 October 24,36 but is bouncing up and down in our own.

  1. This telegram, dated October 30, 6 p.m., was concerned with a proposed conference with President Truman on the air transport negotiations and his personal intervention with President Alemán. (711.1227/10–3047).
  2. Not printed.