710 Consultation 4/9–847

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chairman of the United States Delegation (Marshall)

Participants: Secretary Marshall
Dr. Luiz Anderson, Chairman of the Costa Rican Delegation
Ambassador Donnelly

I called today on Dr. Luiz Anderson, Chairman of the Costa Rican Delegation and Chairman of Committee III of the Conference.

In reply to my question as to his views on the progress of the Conference, Dr. Anderson said that while he was optimistic as to the final result of it he was preoccupied at the moment with the Argentine, Mexican and Venezuelan draft resolutions providing for more conciliatory measures in cases of aggression within the hemisphere. I remarked in this connection that it is difficult in modern warfare to differentiate between aggression from without and aggression from within the hemisphere because an aggressor nation outside of the hemisphere could by intrigue and espionage create serious internal unrest in a country and conflicts between the American nations thereby breaking down the unity of the Americas preparatory to an attack on this hemisphere. Dr. Anderson expressed complete agreement with my views and said that he was firmly of the opinion that the Conference should not make any difference in the procedures and sanctions to be applied in cases of aggression from without or from within the hemisphere.

He said that the work of his Committee was progressing satisfactorily and that if necessary the Committee could complete its assignment by August 25. I remarked that it was of the utmost importance that the Conference be brought to a successful conclusion as expeditiously as possible and he expressed similar views.

Dr. Anderson made no reference during the meeting to the internal problems of Costa Rica or to the relations between Costa Rica and the United States.