725.60H/10–1147: Telegram

The Ambassador in Yugoslavia (Cannon) to the Secretary of State


2095. Today’s Borba published FonOff statement connection breaking relations with Chile. Statement accuses Chilean Government “gross violations elementary principles international relations”. Statement [Page 513] alleges Chilean Government’s charges without foundation and adds that “series most fantastic abuses directed by Chilean Government against Yugo”.

Statement adds that inasmuch Yugo innocent of accusations clear action by Chilean Government part of planned campaign which is being conducted not in interests of Chile but rather in interests of expansionistic policy certain powers who are assuming ever increasing role in direction Chilean domestic and foreign policy.

Statement concludes Chilean Government’s behavior demonstrates antagonistic attitude involved and therefore Yugo considers it no longer necessary to continue diplomatic relations with government which is no longer free to conduct its relations with other countries.

Activity Yugo representatives in Chile supplements growing list of complaints reaching Embassy made by representatives other governments in Belgrade concerning work of Yugo representatives abroad (Embtel 1098, September 2519) and is further evidence that Yugo Government is using its diplomatic missions to carry out work of subversive nature principally under cloak of commercial activities and that Yugo has far-flung network of Communist agents abroad. Embassy feels that choice Belgrade as center new Communist info bureau had additional advantage Yugos highly developed network of trained agents operating abroad.

Please relay interested missions.

  1. Not printed.