The Ambassador in Chile ( Bowers ) to the Secretary of State

No. 15,633

Sir: With reference to Embassy’s despatch 15,586 of August 27, 1947,5 I have the honor to report that the President has since then been gradually eliminating Communist functionaries from their various Government posts.

After getting rid of the Communist Intendentes and Governors, steps were then taken to remove Party members from the various pension funds, some twelve of these functionaries having already been officially separated from their positions. On September 14 the President signed a decree issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce removing Messrs. Bernardo Araya (head of the Communist C.T.Ch.), José Campusano, José Diaz Iturrieta, Raúl Gatica, Reinaldo Nuñez from the National Economic Council.

As and when the corresponding decrees are actually prepared, signed and placed into effect, the few remaining Communist functionaries will also most probably be forced out.

With respect to Communist functionaries in the Government, the Department is respectfully referred to a report submitted to his principals by Attaché William B. Caldwell, dated August 28, 1947 and entitled “Communists in the Chilean Government.”5

[Page 501]

The Government can for the moment take no steps against those Communist officials holding elective positions but the President seems to be gradually ensuring that no administrative posts of any importance are left in the Communists’ hands.

Respectfully yours,

Claude G. Bowers
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