825.00B/9–1747: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile ( Bowers ) to the Secretary of State


745. In speech before Rotary Club today President Gonzalez Videla according to reliable American businessman made his strongest condemnation of communism to date. Speech not for publication but no other restrictions placed upon it.

Outstanding points made by President:

He said world divided into two sections: That part dominated by Asiatic Russia in which all human and personal liberties have been [Page 500] denied individuals and which subscribed to vile and vicious practices; and the occidental or Anglo-Saxon section which is sole remaining haven for such rights and liberties. He added that Chile had to align herself with one or the other and that his strongest efforts in past and future would be assure that Chile takes her place with the occidental group—only one in which she would be able preserve her democratic way of life.
He stressed that inasmuch as Communists had assisted him in his election he had felt duty bound recognize such assistance by including three Communist officials in his Cabinet but that his effort to fit Communist representation into a democratic government completely hopeless and unavailing. He added that every Communist placed in public office had double-crossed him either upon instructions from foreign power or for own personal benefit.
President stated emphatically that as long as any of “leftist” parties had anything to do with Communists or Communist Party he would have nothing further to do with them.

Embassy attempting obtain stenographic transcript speech.