103.9151: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Brazil

us urgent

1134. BCB notified RDCRFC of stockholders meetings Oct. 6 Belem. Emb requested inform BCB that Dept. and RDCRFC consider [Page 486] inappropriate further U.S. representation in affairs of Bank, since rubber program ended and corporate life RDC terminated June 30, 1947. (Complete authority liquidation RDC delegated RFC, Dept. Cir. tel. July 176)

Emb also requested inform Dept. present status attempts obtain reimbursement RDC $3,000,000 stock in BCB and prospects settlement. (Dept. Instruction 590, March 19).

Sent to Rio as 1134, repeated to Belem as 133.


[The Ambassador reported in telegram 276, March 17, 1948, 7:10 p.m., that the Brazilians had agreed to acquire the bank shares at the proposed price and conditions. However, at the end of 1948 the Brazilian legislature had failed to approve, according to the Embassy’s telegram 1312, December 31, 1948, 4 p.m. (103.9151)]

  1. Not printed.