103.9151/7–1647: Circular airgram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Representatives and Consular Officers in the American Republics 74

From Hadlock RFC.75

. . . . . . .

You are requested to inform appropriate officials of local Government that coincident with termination of all remaining rubber agreements, RDC has dissolved as of June 30, 1947, and all of its assets and liabilities, functions and duties, transferred to Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Since RDC’s obligation to purchase rubber will have been satisfied by June 30, 1947, even though rubber has not actually been shipped or paid for in certain instances, there remains only matter of liquidating RDC’s activities.

Dissolution of RDC will not involve for the present any change in personnel nor in the methods of operation heretofore followed by RDC. Existing personnel will act for Reconstruction Finance Corporation in winding up affairs of RDC.

You are further requested to inform local banks with which RDC funds are deposited to change designation of such accounts to “Reconstruction Finance Corporation–Working Fund”. Previously authorized RDC field representatives and Treasurer of RFC authorized to make withdrawals and deposits. [Hadlock.]

  1. Sent to the Embassies, in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Nicaragua; and to the Consulates at Belem, Georgetown, and Port of Spain.
  2. Gerald B. Hadlock, Executive Director, Office of Rubber Reserve, Reconstruction Finance Corporation.