740.00119 EW/11–1447: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Brazil


A–668. Department pleased to advise concluding developments regarding sale to Brazil of two vessels previously of the German Navy. This refers to Embassy’s secret despatch no. 3053, November 14, and Embassy’s telegram no. 1549 of November 6 as well as Department’s telegram no. 1239 of November 472 and sundry other previous communications on subject topic.

On the basis of recommendation made by Department, it is understood that the two vessels, a T–4 type torpedo boat and a training vessel known as the A. L. Schlageter, will very shortly be declared surplus by the U.S. Navy to the Paris office of the Foreign Liquidation Commission. OFLC is cabling its Paris office to accept any offer made by Brazilian Government representing nominal payment for these two vessels.

Procedure now for Brazilian Government to submit offer to Paris office OFLC, care American Embassy, for these two vessels. A nominal value is understood to represent neither scrap nor commercial value It is suggested that an offer of $10,000 U.S. currency for each of these vessels will probably receive favorable consideration from OFLC Paris.

  1. Telegrams 1549 and 1239 not printed.