701.6132/10–2947: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Smith) to the Secretary of State


3124. Durbrow called on Chief Protocol at 1600 today to present informal letter giving departure data contained Deptel 1488, October 28. Before letting him proceed he reminded Durbrow that he could only discuss matters with him informally. Durbrow stated that if he did not wish to discuss the question with him perhaps he might discuss it with Brazilian Embassy direct. Chief Protocol stated that he would discuss the matter informally with Durbrow at this time but stated that he would prefer not receive his informal letter. Durbrow then outlined information contained in letter pointing out plans made first group Soviet officials depart Rio by boat November 1st other leave by plane by November 3 and because of short time before projected departure believed it worthwhile pass this information on to Foreign Office in event it wished us advise Brazilian Foreign Office plans for departure Brazilian staff here.

Chief Protocol replied he could give Durbrow no concrete information on departure plans which depended upon receipt definite information re arrangements for departure Soviet staff Rio. He assured Durbrow as soon as this received immediate arrangements would be made for departure Brazilian staff by such means as they chose.

Durbrow indicated Brazilian Ambassador suggested he and staff might depart by train from Leningrad November 2 for Helsinki crossing Finnish frontier November 3. Chief Protocol made no comment on this suggestion. He then stated he had received en clair telegram from Rio indicating Soviet staff now being well protected and that departure arrangements proceeding rapidly but had not received definite word re departure plans. He added one of complications was that Brazilian authorities had forbidden international telephone communications to Soviet Embassy which prevented them communicating Soviet missions Buenos Aires or Montevideo to give last minute assurances final plans departure. Durbrow asked whether Brazilians here have permission to telephone and Chief Protocol assured him that they could and added that if they did not realize this there was some misunderstanding. Durbrow replied he would report that open telephone communications Soviet Embassy Rio would facilitate matters. Suggested this be done.

When Durbrow again endeavored obtain some indication departure arrangements, Chief Protocol stated Soviet Government prepared [Page 406] facilitate in every way Brazilian staff departure by chosen route and that soon as word was received Soviet staff departure plans were firm, matters would proceed and he advised he might get in touch with Brazilian counselor here to discuss departure arrangements direct rather than through us.

Department pass Rio.