711.3527/4–1047: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Argentina

us urgent

299. Embtel 401 Apr 10. Highly gratified important and welcome advice you have set stage for negotiation air agreement Argentines on terms consistent US principles. Personal congratulations success your persistent efforts bring both sides together on basis promising conclusions desired.

US delegation will be headed by James M. Landis, travelling as personal representative of the President, with rank of Minister. Accompanying him will be John O. Bell, Associate Chief, Aviation Division, and Thomas T. Carter, also of Aviation Division. Party plans depart New York Apr 17 via Flight 201 Pan American schedule arrive 4:45 p.m. Apr 19. Desire Emb’s assistance in reserving rooms [Page 243] at Plaza Hotel if possible. This contemplates commencement negotiations Monday 21st.

Landis has suggested inclusion in delegation of Cloyce K. Tippett, CAA employee formerly stationed in Brazil, stating he was useful in obtaining information direct from aviation sources. Dept doubtful whether he is needed but desires your opinion urgently.