862.20235/5–747: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Argentina


395. For the Ambassador from the Secretary. Since my return I have discussed with the President White House meeting with Ivanissevich. I have read your communications and Mr. Acheson’s telegram to you (Deptel 332 of Apr 23). Our approach to President Perón through Argentine Ambassador was highly conciliatory and I am therefore disturbed that Argentine Govt has not quickly cleaned up this matter by deporting the 20 to 30 dangerous agents mentioned by the President.

It is necessary that the highest Argentine officials understand importance of apprehending and actually deporting these agents so that our Govt will be in a position to state that there has been substantial compliance with agreements. You are instructed to make this unmistakably clear to Argentine Govt.

Telegraph immediately the names of the enemy agents Argentine Govt has already apprehended but has not yet deported and submit regular telegraphic reports.