711.35/3–3147: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Argentina

us urgent

332. Reurlet Apr 344 to Acheson and Desp 2119, Mar 31. Dept considers that issuance of Arg Govt statement would seriously prejudice the chances of a satisfactory solution of this problem by freezing the Arg position and agitating press debate here.

Purpose of White House meeting was to impress on Arg Govt importance of expulsion of most important Nazi agents. While we realistically expect only “reasonable and substantial” compliance we do expect that performance will be genuine on its face and meet the test of deeds and not merely promises set out in Byrnes’ Apr 8 statement.45

Whether Arg assertion that agents in hiding are actually beyond reach of Arg police is true is a question concerning which we have considerable doubt. Pertinent to this question is fact that, according to Arg FonMin, at the time the approximately 40 dangerous agents were released from custody they were put under strictest kind of surveillance, about 200 persons having been assigned to assure their availability at all times. Not only were Nazi agents apparently able to escape this surveillance but they were warned in advance—probably through leak from Police Dept itself—that their arrest was imminent.

  1. Not printed.
  2. A marginal note initialed by Acting Secretary Acheson reads: “A good performance on deporting the more important individuals in the list of 52 would do this.”