893.00/3–947: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

292. Copy of minutes of conference held Feb 20 between SecWar [SecState] and SecNavy forwarded air pouch Feb 2821 (Embtel 493 Mar 9).

Following is summary of pertinent decisions reached at conference:

NAG should carry out full program specified Public Law 512. SecState raised no objection to separate agreement for NAG but pointed out decision should be reached only after consultation with War.
No further transfers should be made through Lend-Lease procedures.
SecState assented to issuance at this time of executive order implementing PL 512 (copy of draft executive order which has received informal approval by State and Navy being forwarded air pouch).
On recommendation SecState, SecNavy concurred in reduction of Marines in China to 3,500 subject to review in 6 mos with view to further downward revision.
SecState indicated it was for Navy to decide whether flag officer should relieve present Naval Attaché Nanking.

  1. Under cover of a transmittal slip dated February 25.