740.00119 Council/4–847: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Smith)

901. Secdel 1453. For the Secretary from Acheson. With regard to Molotov’s note on China we agree that it would not be advisable to make a reply (Delsec 1401) which took up and debated the various points raised in the Soviet note. We suggest however for your consideration the advisability of a brief acknowledgment which would express satisfaction over receiving the Soviet Govt’s reaffirmation of intention not to intervene in the internal affairs of China and which would reaffirm this Govt’s adherence to the policy of nonintervention in the affairs of China and our continuing advocacy of a unified and democratic China under the National Govt, We might also state that, if occasions arise in the future when it would be mutually helpful to have further exchange of information with respect to the fulfillment of the Moscow Agreement on China, we would be prepared to enter into such exchange with the appropriate Govts.

Our reasoning in making the foregoing suggestion is that there would seem to be no disadvantage that might arise from acknowledging the note and at the same time there may prove to be distinct advantages in having taken official notice of the Russian attitude on nonintervention and also there may come a time when we may wish to cite the Soviet note and our reply as basis for requesting information from the Soviet Govt.