893.00/4–1047: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

783. Minister Information Peng Hsueh-pei at regular weekly press conference 9th voiced full appreciation for Molotov’s reaffirmation of Soviet-noninterference in internal affairs of China in his exchange of letters with Secretary Marshall on the withdrawal of Soviet and US troops from China. Peng again reiterated his Govt’s firm attitude against any foreign interference in Chinese domestic affairs.

Commenting on US aid to China, Peng said: “Whatever help the US Govt may have given to China, it has been given to the legitimate Chinese Govt and not to subversive and disloyal elements who are resorting to armed rebellion. There is nothing wrong in giving help to the govt of an ally, and it would not be justifiable if US aid were given to a rebellious army in this country.”

Sent Dept, please repeat Moscow.