893.00/3–3147: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

697. Following is Tihwa’s 103, March 24:

“After lunch here March 22 chairman discussed general situation with me. Expressing approval his policies I cited many improvements already evident. He emphasized intent to stay Sinkiang till solution of problems in satisfactory progress. Settlement incidents arising from parades (mytels 49 and 51, February 24, repeated Department as Embtel 395, February 2816) has been reached in principle. No attempt being made to unravel threads of events but precautions to be taken against further like disorders. These he believes can be prevented by good will both sides (provided no outside incitement given). Paxton.”

  1. Not printed; it reported measures to maintain order in view of demands made by some 800 Turks on the Sinkiang government and of counter-demands by several hundred Kazakhs and several hundred Han (Chinese) Muslims (803.00/2–2847).