195.6/1–1847: Telegram

The Consul General at Dairen (Benninghoff) to the Secretary of State

13. Following memorandum from Soviet Consul:

“Subject: Regulations relating to the calling of American ships at and entry of American citizens into Dalny.

As the port of Dalny is under the control of Soviet military authorities, it is necessary obtain permission from Soviet military authorities for entry of American ship.
For this purpose it is necessary that American Embassy Moscow approach in advance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I (Soviet Consul) personally recommend approximately 1 to 2 weeks before arrival of a ship in Dalny from the port of departure.
Permission for calling at Dalny can be received only for a commercial ship.
As the port of Dalny at the present time is closed for trade and navigation, entry of American businessmen is not held to be a necessity.”

Repeat Nanking, Shanghai and Moscow.