The Consul at Shanghai (Meyer) to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)48

No. 279

Sir: I have the honor to report that two Chinese close to Marshal Feng Yu-hsiang recently approached the undersigned and another member of the staff of the Consulate General with what was evidently meant for a suggestion that the American Government should favor Marshal Feng Yu-hsiang “as the only man” capable of uniting and saving China and that it should persuade the Generalissimo to give Marshal Feng a free hand to accomplish that task.

The two Chinese in question asserted that a “Union” of 378 nationally organized associations of professional and occupational character is prepared to support Marshal Feng.

There is enclosed a copy of a memorandum49 reporting the statements made by the two Chinese. They later stated that it was their [Page 254] intention to write a letter to General Wedemeyer along the lines of their oral statements.

Comment. The Consulate General is not in a position to estimate to what extent the alleged popular support of Feng actually exists or could be marshaled through the national associations described by the two Chinese who made the allegations. However, the assertions derive additional interest in the light of current reports from various sources to the effect that some sort of a political understanding has been reached between General Li Chi-shen and other Chinese leaders, including Feng Yu-hsiang, Chang Fa-kuei, Li Tsung-jen and Fu Tso-yi. In this connection, it will be noted from the enclosure that the two Chinese informants asserted that Marshal Feng is assured of the support of Li Chi-shen.

Respectfully yours,

Paul W. Meyer
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department without covering despatch; received August 27.
  2. Not printed.