121.5493/4–2447: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

892. Following from Changchun: “Rigg and Collins released at 12:32. Both well. Have returned Changchun”.

[Page 1447]

The Military Attaché is bringing both Rigg and Collins directly to Nanking for consultation with the Embassy, without prior interviews by anyone. As soon as possible, after questioning in the Embassy, their report will be telegraphed to the Dept.

In view of the increasing public interest in this case, it will be necesssary for the Embassy to make them available for a press conference after a period sufficient for the Dept to receive the Embassy’s report has elapsed.

Their report to the press will be purely factual and will not in any sense divulge military positions of either party or Central Govt forces, or contain any information which might be construed as propaganda for one side or the other.