893.00/4–1947: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

845. Following is New China News Agency broadcast from north Shensi April 18:

“Dispatch from Manchuria says: Headquarters of Manchurian United Democratic Army has made decision to escort on April 24 two American officers captured near Changchun to quit the liberated area. Message from this headquarters will be broadcast successively for 5 days beginning from April 18 by north Shensi broadcast station. The message reads:

Message From Headquarters of Chinese Manchurian United Democratic Army

This headquarters has decided to escort to quit the liberated area two American officers, Major Rigg and Captain Collins, captured on March 1 during battle at Hochipao near Changchun. They will be escorted to quit at 1200 hours on April 24 through Hungfangtze region south of Taolaichao. It is requested that American Consulate in Changchun will send men with credentials to place nearby Hungfangtze (literally red house) to meet them. The men sent there should carry white flags for signal.”

Sent Washington as 845, repeated Changchun as 46, Mukden as 29, Peiping as 64.