121.5493/4–447: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

403. War Dept expresses concern safety Rigg [and] Collins and urges consideration whether any unexplored method approach might help secure their release. Dept has full confidence your judgment re handling this matter but desires be in position assure War Dept that all practicable steps are being taken. Accordingly if current attempt utilize UNRRA17 convoy should involve undue delay or bring unsatisfactory [Page 1443] result18 please consider and report possibility other means communication with CCP.19 At present no additional channels occur to us other than through British should they soon despatch their Consul [to] Harbin or through Soviet ConGen [at] Harbin via Soviet Embassy [in] Nanking.

  1. United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.
  2. This referred to the possibility of securing the return of the two officers by means of an UNRRA truck convoy which was carrying supplies from Changchun to Harbin.
  3. Chinese Communist Party.