121.5493/3–1147: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

529. [To Consul General Clubb at Changchun.] Yenan Liaison Group withdrawn to Nanking today. Prior to [its] withdrawal, General Yeh Chien-ying12 stated that Rigg and Collins were now en route Harbin and that General Chu Teh had ordered General Lin Piao to release them upon arrival Harbin.

Yenan and Harbin radio stations will broadcast for the next 5 days the date of their departure from Harbin, route to be followed, ETA13 at point of contact between Communists and National Government forces. Separate clear operational message has been sent instructing USIS14 to monitor Harbin and that you forward to Embassy any information on release Rigg and Collins obtained from Harbin broadcasts.

It will be your responsibility to pass necessary information to [appropriate Government]15 Military Headquarters to permit safe reception Rigg and Collins at point of contact. It is desired that, if possible, you or Cowen16 be present at point of transfer to receive Rigg and Collins. Close liaison should be maintained with Northeast China Command and they requested take appropriate action to assure protection and prompt transportation Rigg and Collins to Changchun.

Sent Changchun 27.

  1. Recently returned to Yenan from Peiping where he had been Chinese Communist Party Commissioner at Executive Headquarters.
  2. Estimated time of arrival.
  3. United States Information Service.
  4. Bracketed insertion on basis of copy of telegram in Embassy files.
  5. Lt. Col. Edward T. Cowen, Assistant Military Attaché in China.