893.00/3–547: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

450. Following reply is from senior officer, Yenan Liaison group in answer to instruction reproduced in Embtel 445, March 5, 8 a.m.: [Page 1441]

“The release of Major Rigg and Captain Collins has been taken up with Yang Shang-yun, Secretary General, 18th Group Army, acting for General Chu Teh.8 I am informed by Yang Shang-yun of the following: (1) That there are 3, not 2, officers in custody; (2) General Chu Teh has already issued orders to Lin Piao9 to safeguard the 3 persons; (3) General Chu Teh has already sent a radio to Lin Piao to find out circumstances of their capture; (4) Because Yenan headquarters has not yet been fully informed, General Chu Teh will take action on this matter, in addition to that indicated in the preceeding two sentences, after he has received detailed report from Manchurian headquarters. I will follow the matter energetically and will keep you informed.”

  1. Commander in Chief of the Chinese Communist armies.
  2. Commander of Chinese Communist armies in Manchuria.