893.00/3–547: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

445. Embassy has had following instruction sent to senior U. S. officer Yenan Liaison Group:6

“On Sunday, 2 March 1947, Mr. Wang Ping-nan of the local Communist delegation agreed to notify Yenan that Communist troops had captured Major Rigg and Captain Collins (two American Assistant Military Attachés in Changchun) in the vicinity of Changchun. He also agreed to request on behalf of American Embassy that they be released. On 3 March Mr. Tung Pi-wu7 was informed by the Embassy that Rigg and Collins were reported to be at Chiutai, 20 kilometers NE of Changchun, and that they were believed to have been captured by Chi Hei Tsung Tei column, also known as Kirin-Heilung-chiang column. The Embassy requested Tung Pi-wu to pass the info to Yenan for its assistance in effecting the release of the two Americans.

The Embassy wishes you to follow the matter energetically with a view to effecting immediate release. Embassy most anxious that few remaining days of direct contact with Yenan be exploited to complete arrangements for the release. Colonel Dau of Military Attaché office in Nanking and Mr. Clubb, American Consul [General] in Changchun, are now in Changchun endeavoring to arrange locally for the release. Embassy also wishes to be informed of any action taken or contemplated by Yenan in the matter.”

  1. Col. John K. Sells, U. S. Army.
  2. Head of the Chinese Communist Party delegation at Nanking.