893.48/4–1047: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

777. Chinese Govt has now made formal approach for post-UNRRA relief from U. S. A. (ReDeptel 409, April 7, 7 p.m.) Following is translation formal note dated April 7 addressed by Dr. Wang Shih-chieh, Foreign Affairs Minister:

“I have the honor to state that while UNRRA is about to wind up its task, China still needs large quantities of relief supplies. Among these supplies, the article of which a shortage is most acutely felt is food itself. For example, the program for the resumption of agricultural activities along the Yellow River basin will require at least 160,000 tons of food (principally wheat flour) before the end of this [Page 1303] year, but UNRRA can only supply 21,000 tons of these. For further instance, barrenness has already become apparent in the land in the northern part of Anhwei in Hunan and in Kwangsi, and according to UNRRA’s food program rice and wheat flour as allotted to these various regions do not exceed 28,000 tons at the most. During these few months of food shortage, external relief will certainly be urgently needed. With regard to UNRRA’s medical program, owing to the inability to acquire various necessary supplies and equipment on schedule, and to the transfer of available funds for uses elsewhere, the implementation (of the program) has had to be sharply restricted. The complete medical supply program as drawn up by UNRRA was originally determined on a basis of minimum requirements; at that time it was perhaps not anticipated that actual requirements would increase rather than decrease. For this reason, various medical supplies and equipment will continue to be urgent needs after the termination of UNRRA.

It will be greatly appreciated if Your Excellency will transmit the above to the Govt of the U. S. so that relief may be accorded in respect of various relief supplies needed by China after the termination of UNRRA.”

Embassy informing Dr. Wang that substance his note being transmitted to Dept. Meanwhile Embassy’s comments on note and on points raised reference Deptel to follow.21

Repeated Shanghai 337, April 10, 3 p.m.

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