893.48/4–747: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

409. In general Dept agrees comments in Ur 557 Mar 14 re post-UNRRA relief. Believe too early to make even tentative commitment [Page 1302] to Chinese since neither extent of need particularly re food nor form of US legislation are now known. In any case program would probably be restricted to food with such limited seeds, fertilizer and pesticides as might be obtainable and possibly medical supplies. Repeated to Shanghai as Depts 572. In meantime Dept desires any info or comments which could lead over next few weeks to decision whether program should be undertaken and if so tentative character and extent. Cheng Paonan CNRRA representative here has made inquiry re US plans and has been advised re tentative overall plans and procedures proposed by Dept for handling post-UNRRA relief generally. No definite indications have been given re program for China. Dept concurs that formal negotiations if undertaken could best be handled in Nanking. No approach should be made however at this time although there is no objection to giving info with proper qualifications as to its tentative nature concerning general operating arrangements and conditions of agreements which we proposed. Most of this info is contained in public testimony before Congressional Com and in relief bill now under consideration by Congress.19 Dept will consult Emb re appointments of senior officers should mission be established and in meantime would appreciate names of qualified persons. Believed unwise in view of public opinion in US to employ a large number from UNRRA although a few could be used. Dept will advise Emb further developments and airmailing tentative draft standard agreement20 for Embs suggested comments or modifications in relation conditions in China.

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