Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Acting Assistant Chief of the Division of Philippine Affairs (Mill)


Dr. Maloles of the Philippine Embassy28 called me this afternoon to inquire if any progress had been made by the Department in determining the answer to be made to the Embassy’s note of May 13, 1947,29 formally requesting military assistance to the Philippines to the extent of $9,440,667.98 covering subsistence, clothing, and fuel required by the Philippine Army for the fiscal year 1948.

In reply to Dr. Maloles’ question I told him that the matter presented in the Embassy note had been given the most careful study and consideration in the Department and that the request of the Philippine Government was very much in the minds of the concerned officials of the Department. Without mentioning the specific SWNCC subcommittee, I told him that there had been several committee meetings in the Department on this subject and that the request for assistance was still under deliberation. I also pointed out that Mr. Ely30 may have some further information regarding this request when he returns from Manila.

(Comment: This is the first such request for information concerning the status of this note made to the Department since the submission of the note under reference. Mr. Ely and I have considered it significant previously that the Philippine Government had made no inquiry regarding the disposition of this note of the Embassy. Mr. Ely was of the opinion that the failure of the Philippine Government to inquire concerning this note may have indicated their lack of belief that the assistance requested would actually be granted.)

  1. Dr. Octavio L. Maloles, Second Secretary of the Philippine Embassy.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Richard R. Ely, Chief of the Division of Philippine Affairs.