740.0011 PW (Peace)/7–1147: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Smith ) to the Secretary of State


2411. I saw Molotov at 4 p.m. today and gave him substance of Dept’s 142296 and 142597 on Jap treaty conference. At conclusion of my presentation he asked if it were not the view of the US that treaty [Page 470] should be prepared by CFM. I replied that our views, as already indicated, were that conference should be composed of the 11 primarily interested powers constituting FEC, and again gave our reasons therefor. Molotov then said he was unable to comment at this time and that matter would have to be considered. I asked for a reply at earliest possible moment, and left an aide-mémoire containing substance of Dept’s views.

I then asked Molotov for his informal expression of opinion with regard to ratification date for satellite treaties, referring to memorandum from British Govt suggesting July first date. His reply was that neither France nor Britain had as yet ratified the treaties.

He then asked if US had ratified the treaties, stating that “it was difficult to determine from press reports what the status of this matter was in the US”, and if US did not agree with Soviet Union that simultaneous ratification was desirable. I replied that the first and most important step, ratification by Senate, had been completed, that this frequently took some time, and that while I did not believe my Govt considered simultaneous ratification essential, we did consider that conclusion of formalities, i.e., deposit of ratification, should be done at earliest possible date consistent with legal processes for treaty ratification in the various countries concerned.

I then asked Molotov categorically if he visualized any serious obstacle to prompt ratification by Soviet Union. He replied that Soviet Union was of opinion that ratification should be accomplished promptly and simultaneously by four powers concerned.

My comment on all of above is that Soviet Govt will make an issue of the preparation of Jap peace treaty by CFM as against 11-power conference, and that in matter of treaty ratification Kremlin may delay.

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