711.45C21/5–2747: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate General at Rangoon


204. Urtels 433 May 27,66 423 May 24, 385 May 1367 and 300, Apr 18 [17].68 Dept expects forward revised draft consular convention near future. Since draft unlikely to be cleared necessary GOB departments by date exchange notes establishing Dip representation, you may exchange notes on consular district with GOB prior that time. Following draft suggested:

Have honor refer conversations and communications relative extent consular district American Consulate General Rangoon. As you are aware my Govt has prescribed the whole of Burma as consular district its Rangoon office. I would appreciate note from you indicating your agreement this position. At such time as GOB may establish Consulate US, my Govt will recognize comparable right GOB prescribe limits its consular district.

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