894.628/3–2047: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Japan (Atcheson) to the Secretary of State


64. Cite C 51420. With reference to our despatches numbers 481, July 144 and 657 October 18, 194645 and related telegrams regarding desired Japanese fishing and fish processing operations in Kamchatka and in or near Soviet-controlled areas, especially radio number W 97610, 16 August, from the War Department to CINCAFPAC stating that steps will be taken to negotiate whole question of Japanese fishing areas before 1947 season opens. SCAP is preparing and forwarding to Washington detailed plan of desired minimum Japanese operations in or near Soviet-controlled areas.

In view of extreme protein food shortages in Japan and elsewhere and great marine wealth of these areas not at present being fully exploited for world needs, above report has recommendation that these areas be included as source of fish for Japanese. We are not in position to evaluate whether pressing Soviets now to accept minimum [Page 191] operations will raise question of renewal of Japanese fishing operations off Alaska and Aleutians or affect FEC negotiations. Unless these factors make it unwise to do so, recommend that Department urgently consider, upon receipt of plan, obtaining Soviet Government acceptance for these minimum operations. Full report will be airmailed.