694.0031/3–1847: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Political Adviser in Japan (Atcheson)


94. FEC 12. Allied Trade Representatives in Japan. Policy paper of above title approved by FEC March 13.42 Paper defines functions of official trade representatives in Japan substantially same as recommended by SCAP.

Publication of Policy Decision re Review of New Japanese Constitution. U.S. Govt March 11 adopted following position re above subject “The U.S. Govt withdraws its objection to the publication outside of Japan of the policy decision contained in FEC–031/41 and will not oppose a motion in the FEC to publish the decision outside of Japan provided the release of the decision to the press by the FEC [Page 190] will not be made until 48 hours after receipt of notification from SCAP of the receipt of the FEC’s decision.” This U.S. decision conveyed to FEC March 13 but not favorably received as majority of members regard publication in Japan as of primary importance, especially in view of forthcoming general elections. They believe that Japanese electorate should know of review decision before they elect representatives who probably will have to carry out review. Australian representative proposed that FEC release policy decision to press with same condition re time as contained in U.S. position. U.S. representative stated could accept this proposal if it could be recorded in minutes that “U.S. Govt accepts this decision subject to its understanding that question of publication within Japan is matter of implementation by Supreme Commander”. Soviet objected to U.S. reservation and consequently matter carried over to next meeting.

Advance Transfers of Reparations.43 Soviet position revealed at meeting of Reparations Committee March 12. Soviet position is (1) USSR be included in program of advance transfers; (2) would welcome inclusion of all eleven countries; (3) in such case percentage of assets to be delivered as advance transfers be raised to 40 or 50; and (4) Soviet to receive 5 to 7 per cent. UK position not yet received.

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