890F.00/12–1547: Telegram

The Minister in Saudi Arabia (Childs) to the Secretary of State

top secret

563. Having communicated with Prince Saud, Mecca, immediately upon receipt Deptel 391, 12th he came to Jidda personally and received me this morning, when I handed him note to HM embodying replies. I stated to Prince Saud I was personally extremely gratified by rapidity with which my Govt had answered and thought this could be interpreted as evidence very friendly disposition US toward Saudi Arabia and importance attached to any request HM. Translation of note was then read by Legation interpreter.

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Prince Saud followed translation note with obvious gratification. He remarked:

SAG fully appreciated explanation given by US re shipment arms Middle East at this time. He hoped however policy would not continue indefinitely.
SAG was very grateful to US for assurances contained in note. Relying implicitly on those assurances SAG would formulate its policy in light of them, secure in belief in their strength and their fulfillment.
SAG did not credit Hashemites with any substantial intrinsic strength. SAG’s concern was with the power standing behind the Hashemites and the use which might be made of Hashemites by that power. (Reference being obviously to British.)

Prince Saud stated he would communicate to me certain information on a top secret basis for my personal information alone. Yesterday in Arab League meeting told me Ministers Iraq and Transjordan had requested Saudi Arabia break relations with US and cancel oil concession. SAG representative had replied it saw no reason to take such a measure. Iraq and Transjordan opposed to action of US in bringing about partition of Palestine. SAG representative replied Saudi Arabia was at one with other Arab states in opposition establishment Jewish state but saw no reason run counter to Saudi Arabia’s own interests by severing relations with US. It [He] added if Iraq and Transjordan insisted Saudi Arabia would break relations not with US but with these two states.

In concluding audience, Crown Prince said US Government reply could not have been more timely. It would be forwarded by special plane to HM and if King had any special observations to make HRH would communicate them to me subsequently. He asked very great thanks SAG be conveyed my Government its prompt and clear reply.

Sent Department 563; repeated London as 61.