501.BB Palestine/12–947: Telegram

Governor General Mohammad Ali Jinnah of Pakistan to President Truman 1

At this hour when the Muslim world has received a terrible shock owing to the most unfortunate decision of the United Nations Organization to enforce partition of Palestine, I would like to address to you, Mr. President, this personal appeal.

2. The decision is ultra vires of the United Nations charter and basically wrong and invalid in law.

3. Morally it is untenable. Political, historically, geographically and practically it would be impossible to enforce partition against the united resistance of the Arabs who have the full sympathy and support of over three hundred million Mussalmans and many non-Muslim countries and not only those who voted against UNO decision.

4. In the long run it will and must fail. The very people for whose benefit this decision is taken—the Jews, who have already suffered terribly from Nazi persecution—will I greatly fear, suffer most if this unjust course is pursued. Moreover the decision presents a great danger to world peace.

5. May I therefore, at this eleventh hour, appeal to you and through you to the great and powerful American nation, which has always stood for justice, to uphold the rights of the Arab race. The Government and the people of America can yet save this dangerous situation by giving a correct lead and thus avoid the gravest consequences and repercussions.

6. May I, Mr. President, with your permission, release this telegram to the press.

  1. Transmitted to the Department by the Chargé in Pakistan in telegram 198 December 9, 1 p. m., with this introduction: “In letter dated December 8, Secretary Foreign Affairs has requested me transmit following message from Governor General Jinnah to President Truman and asks Department deliver copy Ambassador Ispahani his information (verbatim text):”.