501.BB Palestine/11–1147: Telegram

The Consul General at Jerusalem (Macatee) to the Secretary of State


518. 1. High government official confirms existence JA plan on highest level set up Jewish state within UNSCOP boundaries at first opportunity regardless UN decision. January 1 is date frequently mentioned. In such event British would probably not interfere, regarding this as training period leading to full statehood. Jews already operate many of own public services, excluding postal, railways, civil aviation and customs, which Palestine Government would not relinquish in advance withdrawal. Same applies control Haifa port. In circumstances so-called state would be handicapped to extent which informant thinks not at all realized by JA. Informant confirms existence rumors that JA has some kind of deal with Abdullah, possibly to take over portion of Palestine outside Jewish state.

2. Considers suggested partition Jerusalem visualizing Jewish state approaching walls of great Mosque more inflammatory, dangerous than partition of Palestine itself. Thinks interests of Christendom in holy places would be endangered to point where churches would have to enter dispute.

3. Recent meeting occurred at Nablus, following return of mayor of Nablus from talks with Mufti, at which clashing Husseini and Nashashibi factions reconciled for resistance purposes. This regarded as increasing effectiveness Palestine Arab resistance to partition.

4. Growing cleavage noted between right and left wings of Jewish community in struggle for power with Haganah now interfering less with rightist Irgun than formerly. Interesting to note leftist Jewish press including Davar spokesman for JA displayed prominently felicitations to USSR October revolution anniversary. This criticized by right-wing political elements, one industrialist saying such congratulations never appeared in [regarding] US July 4th.

5. Although both Arabs and Jews comment locally that USSR Palestine policy motivated by desire pave way for infiltration trained [Page 1255]Communist agitators from eastern Europe, source mentioned paragraph 1 unimpressed by this idea since Cominform Belgrade already has working relations with Palestine Communist Party (Jewish) and Arab League National Liberation.