881.00/7–3047: Telegram

The Chargé in Egypt (Patterson) to the Secretary of State


907. Information received by Ireland1 through discreet conversations with Bourguiba indicates (1) Bourguiba and Abd El Karim2 continue dominate local North African nationalists; (2) they agree North Africans will not move toward opening Maghreb office America or appealing UN until return Azzam Pasha here; (3) Bourguiba holds presentations NA case to UN not probable until 1948; (4) Abd El Karim does not intend visit US soon (Deptel 1055, July 17, Embtel 899, July 283); (5) Bourguiba will visit America only in accordance advice Azzam Pasha but privately wishes visit October; (6) plans Torres and Al Fassi4 visit US cancelled (Embtel 889, July 255); (7) arrival Moncef Bey6 in Egypt cannot be ruled out. Memo conversations by pouch.7

Repeated Paris and Tangier.

  1. Philip W. Ireland, First Secretary of Embassy in Egypt.
  2. Mohammed Ben Emir Abd-el Krim, Moroccan Rif leader who escaped at Port Said from long-time exile while en route from Reunion to France in early June.
  3. Neither printed.
  4. Abdul Khalek Torres, president of the Spanish Moroccan Reform Party, and Si Allal El Fassi, leader of Moroccan Istiqlal Party.
  5. Not printed.
  6. Moncef had been deposed in May 1943 and interned in France.
  7. None printed.