881.00/6–1047: Telegram

The Diplomatic Agent at Tangier (Alling) to the Secretary of State


143. ReDeptel 123.1 Juin has consistently proclaimed from day his arrival his aim “to work within the framework and in the spirit of the Franco-Moroccan treaty” as stated his speech Marrakesh June 9th. Legal concept of French Union is irreconcilable with Protectorate system and so far Juin has not mentioned French Union in any speech. It is impossible state whether Sultan is justified in conclusion he has apparently reached, but in addition to foregoing points, which are public information, Sultan may have received private assurances from Juin.

Sent Department as 143, repeated Paris as 37.

  1. June 9, 6 p. m., not printed; it asked why the Sultan was reported to have concluded that the Juin appointment signified abandonment of the policy to assimilate Morocco into the French Union (881.00/6–747).