881.00/5–1947: Telegram

The Diplomatic Agent at Tangier (Alling) to the Secretary of State


121. Several recent developments appear indicate France intends take stronger line Morocco: (1) Appointment General Juin as Resident General; (2) present maneuvers French fleet off Moroccan coast; (3) French insistence suspension Tangier nationalist publication Voix du Maroc; (4) growing criticism French metropolitan press of attitude of Sultan. These measures may have desired result of reducing nationalist sentiments and activities. It seems more likely, however, that they will tend strengthen Nationalist movement and even lead to outbreaks from which Morocco has been remarkably free to present.

Consul Pasquet, Rabat, reports Juin will take firmer attitude toward communists and nationalists. Latter dislike appointment military man and fear return iron hand policy. If such policy is applied, Pasquet expects trouble. He adds that French appear ready, able, and almost anxious put down any disturbance so as to “raise their prestige”.

[Page 686]

Consulate continues counsel nationalists be patient and apparently Arab League has also advised them wait somewhat longer before raising Moroccan question before UN. Pasquet suggests time may have come discuss question between Washington and Paris (see also Legtel 120, May 15).1

  1. Not printed.