868.50/2–1947: Telegram

The Chief of the American Economic Mission to Greece (Porter) to the Secretary of State

top secret

232. To Cohen1 from Porter (Personal). Nature of crisis here such that I urge you recommend strongly to Secretary he come to Greece en route to Moscow as MacVeagh and Ethridge have suggested. His presence here even for day should have incalculable effect as manifestation our interest here. Firmly convinced this is real thing and we cannot hope for economic or political stability in absence of all out effort on our part. Next few months should determine whether Greece will collapse and Secretary’s presence here would probably mean we could buy much needed time in which to work out essential measures to prevent complete disintegration which is already far along. Cannot emphasize too strongly gravity of situation and know you understand I would not make this personal appeal to you in absence of well considered conviction developments here next few months could determine the future.2

  1. Benjamin V. Cohen, Counselor of the Department of State.
  2. In telegram 204, February 21, to Athens, Mr. Cohen advised Ambassador Porter that his suggestion for a visit to Greece by the Secretary “was thoroughly and sympathetically considered yesterday by top policy committee. Unfortunately such visit impossible before Moscow”. (868.00/2–2147)