861.24/4–647: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Smith) to the Secretary of State

secret   urgent

1216. Embtel 1201, April 5. When I called on Molotov, I presented aide-mémoire outlining remarks I made. Substance follows:

Pointed out we have requested commencement negotiations settlement lend-lease more than four times with no results; reminded him of my prediction in February that matter was rapidly becoming political question in US, adding that now this prediction has been borne out, that matter now in hands of appropriations committees and pending Congressional consideration, pipeline shipments stopped. Informed him that if in few days favorable reply not received, Executive Branch would have to inform Congress officially of failure to obtain Soviet consent to negotiation of settlement and added that such failure might have unfavorable reaction on US–Soviet trade relations.

Favorable Soviet reply outlined my reference telegram.